Mardean Isaac’s essays, short fiction, journalism, and reviews have appeared in the Financial Times, Tablet magazine, the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian (opinion), the Awl and elsewhere.

A selection of his writing is included below.


“Kurdistan and Israel”, an essay in Tablet magazine [November 2018]

“Drill music: from Chicago to Croydon and back”, an article in the Financial Times [October 2018]

“Storytelling: In Conversation with Rapman”, a feature in BRICK magazine [October 2018]

“De La Soul is Dead: A Post-Mortem”, an essay in BRICK magazine [October 2018]

“Pharmaceutical Cocktails”, a menu on Medium [July 2018]

“Romancing Rojava”, an article co-written with Max J. Joseph in Syria Comment [July 2018]

“Is the Lost Language of Iraqi Jews Really Lost?”, an article in Tablet magazine [June 2018]

“Nothing Turns Away”, a short essay in Blizzard magazine [June 2018]

“Experience: U-God in Conversation”, a feature in BRICK magazine [May 2018]

“Colonial Legacy”, a historical essay in Blizzard magazine [March 2018]

“Clinging on in the wake of a genocide”, a review of Augin Kurt Haninke’s “The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker” in the Catholic Herald [February 2018]

“Was Turkey’s Genocide of the Assyrians an Islamist Crime?”, a review of Joseph Yacoub’s “Year of the Sword: The Assyrian Christian Genocide” in Tablet magazine [January 2018]

A review of Cathy Otten’s “With Ash on Their Faces” in the Times Literary Supplement [January 2018]

“Erasing Assyrians”, a paper to which I contributed [September 2017]

“The Man in the Internet”, satire in the Awl [April 2017]

“No Country For Its People”, an essay in the Awl [July 2016]

“Under Fire From All Sides: Syria’s Assyrians”, an article in Syria Deeply [June 2016]

“The Assyrians of Syria: History and Prospects”, an article in Syria Comment [December 2015]

“Anonymous Letter from an Organ Trafficker”, a short story in Eclectica magazine [October/November 2014]

“The Assyrian Identity, the Assyrian “Nation”, and their Representation in Syriac Studies”, an academic essay in the Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies [2013]

“The desperate plight of Iraq’s Assyrians and other minorities”, an op-ed in the Guardian [December 2011]